Effective Homeopathy Treatments

Acidity, Adenoids, ADHD, Allergic Bronchitis, Allergic Bronchitis with Asthma, Allergic Rhinitis (Dust, Pollen Allergy-Sneezing, Runny Nose) Atopic Dermatitis, Autism, Behavioural Dissorders in Children, Cervical Spondylitis, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Computer Related Injuries, Constipation, Eczema, Frequent Cough & Cold, Frozen Shoulder, Gastric Problems, Glue Ear, Hair Fall, Issues Arising from PERFORMANCE ANXIETY, Leucorrhoea, Lichen Planus, Liver & Gall bladder Problems, Lumber Spondylitis, Menstrual Problems, Migraine Headaches, Non Specific Back Aches, PCOD/PCOS, Post Menopausal Syndrome, Pre Menopausal Syndrome, Psoriasis, RDP for Kids with Frequent Cough, Cold & Wheezing. Recurrent Ear infection, Recurrent Styes, Sinusitis, Sinusitis Headache, Stress Management, Tonsillitis

Why Homeopathy is Effective?

Homeopathic remedy action is very specific to cause and effect. An example: A popular anti-inflammatory drug Brufen will reduce inflammation of any tissue in the body irrespective of the pathology, but Aconite, a Homeopathic remedy, which can be used in this similar situations, can not be used without considering the specific cause, the pathology and the tissue affectation. This specificity in Homeopathy makes a prescription much more focused and result in cure without undesirable side effects.

In addition to its specific nature, Homeopathic remedies often achieve an effective curative response because it also addresses other factors like Mental & Emotional stress, symptomatic expression of other organs, nutrition, habits etc,

Why Choose The Homeopath?

  • I am a doctor first and a Homeopath later and use modern diagnostic techniques, not to miss a serious illness.
  • Today the food we take do not contain vitamins and minerals, hence I advice vitamins, minerals and probiotics as supplements for optimum diet.
  • Children do not express themselves clearly, so I observe the clues objectively to get their symptoms.
  • If a person is worried and unhappy I explain that, being happy is as much required as any medicine! to get alright.
  • The Homeopath Pharmacy has latest remedies from finest names like : W Schwabe, SBL, Ainswortch etc.

In order to help on deciding and selecting Homeopathy as a choice of treatment, I have created two categories :

  • Homeopathy only : Diseases that can be effectively treated with Homeopathy only
  • Homeopathy as Complimentary system : Diseases where Homeopathy will be very good and safe complimentary treatment to an on going Allopathic treatment

Homeopathy only

The following disorders can be effectively treated with Homeopathy only

Mental & Emotional Illnesses

Autism, ADHD, Anxiety Neurosis, Minor Depressive illnesses, Performance Anxiety, Mental Exertion, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Head & Scalp illnesses

Migraine Headache, Headaches in school going children, Sinusitis, Atopic dermatitis, Scalp infections resulting in Baldness, Eczema / Psoriasis of scalp


Non specific illnesses like Red eye, Dry Eyes, Sties, Sticky Eyes, (Blephiritis), Conjunctivitis etc.


Allergic rhinitis ,pharyngitis Glue Ear, CSOM, Tonsillitis, Frequent Cough & Cold, Allergic Rhinitis, Hay Fever, Sinusitis.

Respiratory Tract Illnesses

Asthma, Bronchitis, Frequent and Easy Cough & Cold, Rhinitis, Sinusitis.

Gastro-Intestinal Disorders

Acidity, Gastritis, Heartburn, Peptic Ulcers, Indigestion, Constipation, Flatulence, Recurrent Diarrhoea.

Musculo-Skeletal System disorders

Cervical Spondilytis, Computer related injuries, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Lumber Spondilytis, Non specific back aches.

Uro-Genital System

Menstrual Disorders, Leucorrhoea, Painful Menstrual Cycles, Primary Infertility (functional), Polycystic Ovaries. Non specific Uretheritis, Prostatitis, Premature Ejaculations, Frequent Urinary Tract Infections.


Pimples, Acne Rosacea, Sties, Eczema, Psoriasis, Herpes, Post Herpetic Neuralgia.


Excellent results in treating Injury cases. Help healing of any tissues. Promotes Rapid Bone Union.

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Homeopathy as Complimentary system

For below mentioned list of illnesses Homeopathy is safe complimentary treatment to an on going Allopathic treatment. As constitutional prescribing followed by organ specific treatment will be very effective in long term perspective since this Homeopathic prescribing strategy improves generalized well being and individual organ functioning respectively. Over a period of time this combined treatment strategy (Allopathy + Homeopathy) will ensure improved quality of life and greatly slower progression of disease without any increase in risk of organ damage or threat to LIFE! Anyone, an individual or an institution, can see that our approach is SAFE and RELIABLE!

    Diabetes Mellitus, Hypothyroidism, Hyperthyroidism, Cushing's Syndrome, Addison's disease, Hypertension, Ischemic Heart Disease, Valvular Heart Disease, Cardiac Myopahty, All Cancers, Gall Bladder stones, Acute attacks of Asthma, Meningitis, Open Tuberculosis, Many Autoimmune disorders etc.

    HIV/AIDS: We do not have enough experience in treating HIV/AIDS. Therefore can not comment.

    After Chemotherapy in Cancer, Tuberculosis, Leprosy.

    We can help fight side effects of Radiotherapy.

To know more about how homeopathy can help you call or email for an appointment.

Tele Homeopathy


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